Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dirty (A Vengeance Duet Book One) {Book Review}

Title: Dirty {Vengeance Duet Book One}

Author: A.C. Bextor

Genre: Contemporary Romance/MC Romance

Book Description:


Imprisoned in a small room within the walls of the Satan's Creed Motorcycle Club compound, Casey Richards struggles to survive the only life she was raised to know. Her mother, a club whore, and her father, an unknown outlaw she’s never met, Casey’s fate is all but sealed in the eyes of the club. 

Foul. Unclean. Undesirable.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, and with no children of her own, Emma Carsen is the only living soul willing to fight for her niece, Casey. She’s all but given up on saving her until the one man she’s longed to see again unexpectedly finds his way back to town and into her life.

Sordid. Vile. Unscrupulous.

Max Taylor, former-biker of a disbanded MC, has been holding onto reasons to avoid coming back to the small town he grew up in. The same ghosts that drove him away eventually force Max to find his way back. Now that he's home, he may be Casey’s only chance for freedom.

Filthy. Hateful. Impure.

In order to get to Casey, Max must find a way to infiltrate the MC. Setting up a meet with Hoss, Satan's Creed’s President who’s known for his depravity as much as his double-crossing ways, it’s made clear that forming an alliance is going to be more of a challenge than he expected. Now he must prove his loyalty to the club and in doing so, he’s forced to get his hands…


My Review:

I have read several of this authors books before have enjoyed her books. Dirty is not your typical MC romance book. In this book we get to know Max Taylor and Emma Carson. We also get to know about the young Casey Richards and what is happening with her. We also kind of find out what is going on in Satan's Creed Motorcycle Club. 

Max Taylor finds himself back in his hometown and helping his old friend Emma get her niece out of the Satan's Creed hands. I really liked Max right from the beginning. He's older, sexy, and knows what he wants. He's also a man of his word. You can also see that even though he didn't have a chance with Emma when he was younger, that he definitely still feels something for her.

I liked Emma, though I feel like we didn't get to know her much. I think we got to know her a little bit. You can obviously tell she cares very much about her niece. 

I thought this first part was very good. Obviously Warning this book ends on a cliffhanger. But luckily the second part is coming out soon, so we won't have to wait to long to see what happens. Also as I said this first part is really about getting to know to the characters and the background of the story. I enjoyed most of the characters.  

I'm giving this first book 4 out of 5 stars and can't wait to read the second part.

You can purchase Dirty on AmazoniBooksKobo, and B & N.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from Love Beneath the Sheets for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of my own and may differ from others. 

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