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Cover Reveal: Luca {Project Arma #1}

Title: Luca
Series: Project Arma #1
Author: Nyssa Kathryn
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Dar Albert, Wicked Smart Designs
Release Date: May 26, 2020


Former Navy SEAL, Luca Kirwin, is both well trained and deadly. Recruited into a non-government sanctioned project, he was turned into a weapon. Now, with the help of his team, Luca must find every last soul who was responsible for the project and make them pay. When a new neighbor with alluring green eyes moves in next door, his instincts tell him to trust her - but could she be one of the enemies they’re searching for?

Evie Scott can’t afford a relationship. She was in a one once and it almost killed her. Running and hiding has become her normal. But when her new neighbor gives her a job in the small town of Marble Falls, avoiding him becomes almost impossible. While protecting her secrets, Evie begins to suspect Luca has his own. Can he protect her from her past or will it destroy them both?

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"Tell me something about you, Evie." Evie's gaze darted to Luca, then away. She chewed her bottom lip, seemingly contemplating whether to tell him something or not.
"I like computers." Luca's brows shot up. It wasn't a surprise, he'd suspected as much, but he thought she'd share something trivial, like a favorite color.
"Makes sense. You learned how to use the online system at work pretty quickly." Evie's eyes dropped to her feet at the compliment, but Luca saw a hint of a smile on her lips. "What do you spend most of your time doing on computers?"
Evie shrugged, looking uncomfortable for a moment. "Not much. Just some gaming and things."
Lie. Evie had just told Luca a lie. He could tell by her pupils dilating, her gaze darting away. There had also been a slight hitch in her heart rate. Why would she lie about that?
"Ever thought about studying IT?" Luca pushed.
There was another pause before Evie's gaze dropped, and she continued, "No. I, uh . . . it hadn't really crossed my mind."
Another lie. Interesting.
As Evie took another step, her foot caught on something, and Luca could see she was going to tumble down. Catching her arm with his lightning reflexes, Luca held her body against his. Her skin was warm to touch where her shirt had risen slightly.
When Evie glanced up. Luca could smell vanilla and strawberries on her. She was all soft and delicate, where he was hard and not delicate. He had to fight the urge to pull her head up and press his lips to hers.
"Go on a date with me."
It was a statement, but Luca still needed a yes. Evie looked taken aback. Luca was a bit too. He hadn't anticipated those words to leave his mouth, but now that they had, they felt right. Knowing what kind of response he was going to receive before she spoke the words, Luca patiently waited to rebut.
"I can't."
Wishing she would expand, he was disappointed when only silence followed.
Not willing to give up so easily, Luca lowered his head and placed his lips next to her ear.
"Go on a date with me."
He felt the shiver run up her spine. Evie's head turned, and her lips were a mere few centimeters from his. Her warm breath touched his lips. If he just lowered his head a fraction, they would be touching.
The indecision was clear to see in her eyes, but beneath that, he could see the desire. It was almost a desperate yearning to say yes. Deciding he didn't want to play fair, Luca pulled Evie closer. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.
"Say yes," Luca started a gentle stroke on the inside of the wrist as he whispered the words into her ear. "Please."
Trailing his mouth down her neck, his lips never touched her, but the promise was there.

Also Available

A Luca prequel short story



Author Bio

Nyssa Kathryn is a romantic suspense author. She lives in South Australia with her daughter and hubby and takes every chance she can to be plotting and writing. With a background in teaching, Nyssa finds that she can let her mind wonder in the writing world. Always being one to read and write when she should have been working, Nyssa decided to take the leap and make writing her career.
Nyssa has always been an avid reader of romance novels. As a teenager she would lose herself in Young Adult and Contemporary Romances. As she got older her interest moved onto the romantic suspense genre. It was from here that she started dabbling in writing. Nyssa wrote her first novel in 2017 but didn't start publishing her work until three years later. Working in the industry has solidified Nyssa's love for all things romance.

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Cover Reveal: Master Manipulator {A Cocky Hero Club Novel} & Giveaway

Title: Master Manipulator
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Nicole S. Goodin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Nicole S. Goodin
Release Date: May 31, 2020


From International Bestselling Author, Nicole S. Goodin, comes a sexy new standalone novel.
He was infuriating, arrogant and conceited. He was also my new seatmate.
Fifteen hours stuck next to the definition of tall, dark and handsome, and the only thing on his mind on our trip from California to Sydney… was me.
Ky Bateman made no secret of the fact he wanted me, and I made it clear he drove me crazy.
When my resolve finally wavered, we made a bet. I lost, he won, and I found myself on the back of his motorcycle, on the adventure of a lifetime.
I never intended to fall for the master manipulator, especially when I knew I was keeping secrets that could destroy everything between us.

All good things must come to an end, right?
Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

Author note – Master Manipulator is a full-length standalone novel. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Author Bio

NICOLE S. GOODIN is a romance author and mother of two from Taranaki in the North Island of New Zealand.

In mid-2015, she started to write about a group of characters who wouldn’t get out of her head. Her first book, Rushed, was published in mid-2016.

Nicole enjoys long walks on the beach, pillow fights and braiding her friends’ hair. She dislikes clichés, talking about herself in the third person, and people who don’t understand her sense of humour.

Please feel free to contact her either via her website, email, Instagram, Twitter or on her Facebook page, she would love to hear your feedback. If you’re feeling really game, you can even sign up for her newsletter.

Visit for more information.

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Release Blitz: While She Sleeps {Dirty Heroes Collection}

Title: While She Sleeps
Series: Dirty Heroes Collection
Author: Dani René
Genre: Dark Taboo Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2020

Dangerous. Unstable. Obsessive. 

She believes in fairytales and awaits her prince. 

But I arrive at her doorstep and I’m far from royalty. 

The shiver down my back tells me he’s there. As if he were touching me. 

Cold, angry, aloof—he’s everything I don’t need. But I can’t turn off my attraction when he’s near.

My sleeping beauty doesn’t realize just how dangerous I am. 

She trusts so easily, smiles so beautifully. And while she sleeps, I watch. 

With each passing night, I become more addicted. 

Until I’m a man obsessed. 

I feel his gaze on me, watching while I sleep. 

He pushes me away in the light, but in the dark, he comes to me like a moth to a flame. 

I crave it. He doesn’t know just how broken I am.

I believed she was the light to my darkness. 

But it turns out my sleeping beauty likes to dive into the shadows alongside me. 

She’s mine, but that decision could kill us both.

Dani is a USA Today Bestselling Author of a variety of genres, from romantic suspense to dark erotic romance and even BDSM romance. She loves to delve into the raw, emotional journeys her characters venture on, and enjoys the dark, edgy, and sensual scenes that fill the pages of her books. Dani's stories are seductive with a deviant edge with feisty heroines and dominant alphas.


Cover Reveal: Brutal Beast {Vicious Vipers MC #5}

Brutal Beast
Lynn Burke
(Vicious Vipers MC, #5)
Publication date: May 21st 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
I’m a no-filter, use fists first kind of man who’s suspicious of everyone and everything. As the president of the Vicious Vipers MC, it’s my duty to protect my brothers, and I take pleasure in doing so.

When a sassy woman who heats my blood moves in next door, I tell myself I don’t want the baggage she brings, even if he is a respectful kid who weasels his way into my heart. She’s jaded. 
A stubborn, lying wildcat I can’t resist, and I’m determined to find the truth of her identity and make her mine.

But I’ve got secrets of my own, long buried in the woods of Maine, that unearthed would define me as the brutal beast she fears me to be.

It’s in my nature to protect them from their past—even if mine is brought to light, destroying any hope for our future.

Author Bio:
Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life. 


Book Blitz: A Touch of Ruin {Hades & Persephone #2} & Giveaway

A Touch of Ruin
Scarlett St. Clair
(Hades & Persephone #2)
Publication date: April 23rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Persephone’s relationship with Hades has gone public and the resulting media storm disrupts her normal life and threatens to expose her as the Goddess of Spring. 
Hades, God of the Dead, is burdened by a hellish past that everyone’s eager to expose in an effort to warn Persephone away. 
Things only get worse when a horrible tragedy leaves Persephone’s heart in ruin and Hades refusing to help. 
Desperate, she takes matters into her own hands, striking bargains with severe consequences. 
Faced with a side of Hades she never knew and crushing loss, Persephone wonders if she can truly become Hades’ queen.


Demetri must have felt her staring because he finally looked up from his tablet, the article he was reading reflected off his black-framed glasses. She noted the title. It was another piece about her.
“Persephone. Please, come in. Close the door.”
That stone in her stomach was suddenly heavier. Shutting herself in Demetri’s office was like walking right back into her mother’s greenhouse—anxiety built, and she felt fear at the thought of being punished. Her skin grew hot and uncomfortable, her throat constricted, her tongue thickened…she was going to suffocate.
This is it. She thought. He is going to fire me.
She found herself frustrated that he was drawing it out. Why invite her to sit? Act like it had to be a conversation?
She took a deep breath and sat on the edge of her chair.
“What did you do?” she asked, glancing at the pile of newspapers. “Pick one up on every block?”
“Couldn’t help it,” he said, smirking. “The story was fascinating.”
Persephone glared.
“Did you need something?” she asked finally, hoping to change the subject—hoping that the reason he called her into his office had nothing to do with this morning’s headlines.
“Persephone,” Demetri said, and she cringed at the gentle tone his voice had taken. Whatever was coming, it wasn’t good. “You have a lot of potential and you have proven you’re willing to fight for the truth, which I appreciate.”
He paused and her body stayed tense, preparing for the blow he was about to deliver.
“But,” she said, guessing the direction of this conversation.
Demetri looked even more sympathetic.
“You know I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t have to,” he said.
She blinked, brows furrowing. “Ask what?”
“For an exclusive. On your relationship with Hades.”
The dread crawled up her stomach, and spread, sizzling in her chest and lungs and she felt the heat abruptly leave her face.
“Why do you have to ask?” Her voice was tight, and she tried to stay calm, but her hands were already shaking and squeezing her coffee cup.
“You said you wouldn’t ask if you didn’t have to,” she stopped him. She was tired of him saying her name. Tired of how long it was taking him to get to the point. “So why are you asking?”
“It came from the top,” he answered. “It was very clear that you either offer us your story or you don’t have a job here anymore.”
“The top?” she echoed, and paused for a moment, searching for a name. After a moment, it came to her. “Kal Stavros?”
Kal Stavros was a mortal. He was the CEO of Epik Communications—which owned New Athens News. Persephone didn’t know much about him except that he was a tabloid favorite. Mostly, because he was beautiful—his name literally meant crowned the most beautiful.
“Why would the CEO request an exclusive?”
“It’s not every day the girlfriend of the God of the Dead works for you,” Demetri said. “Everything you touch will turn to gold.”
“Then let me write something else,” she said. “I have a voicemail and an inbox full of leads.”
It was true. The messages had started pouring in the moment she published her first article on Hades. She’d slowly been sorting through them, organizing them into folders based on the god they criticized. She could write about any Olympian, even her mother.
“You can write something else,” Demetri said. “But I’m afraid we’ll still need that exclusive.”
“You can’t be serious,” was all she could think to say, but Demetri’s expression told her otherwise. She tried again. “This is my personal life.”
Her boss’s eyes dropped to the stack of papers on his desk.
“And it became public.”
“I thought you said you would understand if I wanted to cease writing about Hades?”
She noted that Demetri’s shoulders fell, and it made her feel better that he was at least a little defeated by this, too.
“My hands are tied, Persephone,” he answered.
There was a stretch of silence, and then she asked, “That’s it? I have no say in this?”
“You have your choices. I need the article by next Friday.”

Author Bio:
Scarlett St. Clair lives in Oklahoma with her husband. She has a Master's degree in Library Science and Information Studies and spends a lot of time researching reincarnation, unsolved murders and Greek mythology-all of which made it into her debut novel, When Stars Come Out. 



Book Blitz: Hollywood Lighting & Giveaway

Hollywood Lighting
J.V. Speyer
Publication date: April 23rd 2020
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance
A rowdy superstar in danger. His resentful new guardian. It’s hate at first sight until love takes an unexpected encore. 
Closeted actor Owen fears failure and betrayal. So after he’s stabbed by a crazy fan, the movie studio offers a hunky bodyguard for protection. Suspicious that the ripped security man is just a gossip-seeking plant, he pushes back at his bulging biceps, ignoring the chemistry. 
Newly retired SEAL Jamal is having a hard time adjusting to civilian life. Reluctantly taking a Hollywood job for a bad boy with tight abs, he’s sure the star is simply paranoid. But when he discovers the sexy celebrity is in serious jeopardy, he doesn’t hesitate to jump into action mode. 
As the peril hits closer to home, Owen finds himself falling for the handsome hero fighting for his life. And as the threats intensify, Jamal fears he might lose the man he has come to love. 
Will Owen and Jamal go down in a catastrophic climax, or will they star in their own happy ending? 
Hollywood Lighting is the red-hot first book in the Bodyguards M/M contemporary romance series. If you like tortured heroes, intense predicaments, and steamy affairs, then you’ll adore J. V. Speyer’s tale of LGBT passion.
Buy Hollywood Lighting to let desire take centerstage today!


Owen sat back in his chair and tried not to fidget. He didn’t want to come off as bored, even if he didn’t actually see the point of being where he was. He had two other projects going on right now, both of which could have moved faster through production if he were on set. Instead he was here, cooling his heels and waiting for Ryan to finish a scene that should have been done three hours ago.
“Cut!” Drew threw his megaphone into Jamal’s arms. Jamal wasn’t expecting it, but he was a SEAL or had been, anyway. He caught the thing easily. Owen tried not to moon about it.
“Ryan, we’ve been over this fifteen times. For fifteen takes. Owen’s been hanging out here for three hours he could have spent working on his other projects, because we were supposed to have been working on his scenes by now. The only way we can make all of this work is by sticking to the schedule. That means we can’t run a scene fifteen times because you don’t know your right from your left.”
Ryan didn’t look like a robot up on the set. He looked like a collection of parts made from children’s modeling clay, badly stuck together and then half-baked. If parts started falling off, Owen wouldn’t be surprised in the least.
“‘Scuse me if I don’t prioritize Pretty Boy’s fucking side gigs.” Ryan staggered over to his chair, on Jamal’s other side, and grabbed for his water bottle. He chugged half of it down, threw it toward the wall, and turned to a pretty little blonde PA who’d been lurking nearby. “Sandra, darlin’, why don’t you nip into my trailer and grab me another one of these?”
The PA, who might or might not have been named Sandra, winked at Ryan and sauntered off toward the trailers. Owen turned back to his phone and made his best effort not to seem at all interested in Ryan’s going on. Ryan’s drunkenness was not news.
Drew took a deep breath. “What Owen is or is not doing with his time isn’t the issue. The fact is, the entire crew is here longer than they need to be because you can’t remember your lines. You can blame Owen’s side projects, you can blame Mercury retrograde, you can blame the writing, but at the end of the day everyone else manages to get the job done. You’re the only one consistently holding up production. You need to get your shit together, Ryan. You’ve been in the business long enough to be more professional than this. You should have more respect for the crew if not your cast mates.”
Ryan staggered, and then he lurched. “Like anyone could have any respect for that prima donna. Look at him, sitting there on his phone. Probably coordinating some kind of drug deal right now.”
Owen glanced at his texts. He’d turned off notifications simply because he didn’t have anyone to text him anything important. Silvia didn’t contact him often, thinking he was a drug-addled degenerate thanks to the gossip sites and their shared parent. Izzy couldn’t contact him, and Dan would call or email. Chris was usually on site with him.
No one else would bother. He might hope Jamal would contact him someday, especially after that amazing night before production started on Hamlet. He wasn’t going to count on it, though.
As he scrolled through the usual crap – mostly automated junk – one message caught his eye. His stepmother’s parents, Linda and George, lived up in Colorado. Silvia had managed to get away from their dad and gone to live with them maybe a year ago. Owen got along a little bit better with all three of them now that they understood what was going on with their son in law better, but he still wouldn’t call their relationship one of trust and affection. They didn’t reach out, as a general rule.
When he saw their number in his incoming texts, he froze. Were they looking for money? Was something wrong with Silvia?
The only way to find out was to click on the text.
On set, Drew’s face had gone bright red. “I don’t care if he’s personally taking over for El Chapo, he knows his lines and he’s where he’s supposed to be when he’s supposed to be there. It’s more than I can say for you.”
Owen opened the text. There wasn’t a lot to read, but the Carsons hadn’t ever been the most verbose people. Not with Owen, anyway. Your father challenged us for custody of Silvia. He won, effective immediately. He took her back to Orange County today. There were no further messages.
Owen’s stomach sank. Silvia hadn’t confided in him. They hadn’t been close, but Owen knew what kind of man his father was. If Silvia had fled to Colorado, he’d already started pushing her to start a “show biz” career. And his contacts weren’t on the lighter side of Hollywood – not anymore.
He typed out a response. Thanks for letting me know. You may hear from the LAPD. Please cooperate with them. There’s not a lot I can do because of the restraining order, but I’m going to do everything I can.
On set, Ryan spun around to try to get a good look at Drew. His balance wasn’t able to keep up with his intentions, and he pitched forward off the sound stage and onto the ground.

Author Bio:
J J. V. Speyer writes LGBTQ+ romance novels heavily flavored with suspense, mystery, and adventure. She has lived in upstate New York and rural Catalonia before making the greater Boston, Massachusetts area her permanent home. She currently lives just south of Boston in a house old enough to remember when her town was a tavern community with a farming problem.
J. V. finds most of her inspiration from music. Her tastes run the gamut from traditional to industrial and back again. When not writing is a baseball fan, a hockey mom, and a devotee of all things weird and creepy about New England.
J. V. can be found on Twitter at @JVSpeyer, or on Facebook at 



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Cover Reveal: On the Rox {DTF (Dirty. Tough. Female.) #1}

Title: On the Rox
Series: DTF (Dirty. Tough. Female.) #1
Author: Kat Addams
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Lori Jackson, Lori Jackson Design
Release Date: May 5, 2020


DTF. Support your local girl gang!
Me and my dirty, tough female besties were hell—and tacos on wheels.
Who knew that my homemade Shizzle Sauce would be the key ingredient to my happily ever after?
Destiny had a wicked sense of humor—that was for sure.
After surviving a toxic relationship, I vowed to never let myself be controlled by a man again.
With the help of my girl gang, I was rebuilding my life—one taco at a time. My trusty snack wagon—The Pink Taco Truck—hadn’t steered me wrong yet.
This time, it led me straight to a hottie restaurant owner with a sexy Australian accent, who just so happened to love my secret sauce.
He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. But that wasn’t the only thing I was unable to turn down.
Jay was everything I could ever want in a man, but he wasn’t without heartache of his own. In fact, he’d been around the world, and he had the baggage to prove it.
Good thing I was always up for an adventure!

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Coming Soon

Releasing June 16


Author Bio

Kat Addams is a forever twenty-nine-year-old fashionista following her lifelong dream of writing contemporary romance inspired by the exotic men she meets in her worldly travels. At least, that’s what she would like for you to think. She’s certainly not a stay-at-home mom indulging in excessive daydreaming, frozen pizzas, an unhealthy addiction to purchasing pajamas, and one too many cocktails on the regular. That’s some other romance author. The poor thing probably has to sneak away upstairs to write her dirty stories! What would her family think? Thankfully, that’s not Kat!

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