Thursday, July 19, 2018

King {Book Review}

Title: King
Series: Broken Bows MC Duet #1
Author: Kerri Ann
Genre: MC Romance

Book Description:

Oubliette’s a job I intend to complete.


He wants something I won’t give. Even if it means my release. Even if it can help others.
I don’t want to be a part of this hell, though I can’t see a way out. 
He’s arrogant, ruthless, harsh, and a complete prick. Busta is an asshole. 
Though there’s something about him that feels redeemable. I need to find a chink in his armor.


I lie to everyone. I’m so good at it now, I don’t know where the truth starts.
As Enforcer of the MC my job is to protect the club at all costs. 
The day they ask me to watch over Oubliette—the sexy bartender from the Four Horsemen—I knew this would be difficult. That she’d be hard to resist. 
I thought it would be simple; I thought I could get the intel. That I could save her and contain the lie. I was wrong.
She ignites a fire within me that I cannot hope to control, and her strength in the face of defeat consumes me.

To save her, I may chance everything. My life, my future….my club.
Who will win this war of wills?

My Review:

So I will admit I have had author Kerri Ann's books sitting on my TBR list for awhile now and have just never gotten around to reading them. Until this book.... This book called to me.... Maybe because I'm an MC junkie.... Or maybe I just wanted to read her debut in the MC genre.... I'm not quite sure what it was or if at this point I really care anymore. I'm just glad I gave this book a chance. I'm still left reeling from this book with my jaw hanging open so lets see if I can get the words down for it!!!!

I'm going to do this review a bit differently than my other reviews. As I just said above I'm an MC book junkie. I have an MC book obsession, seriously that's about all I read anymore. I'll throw in other type's of books here and there. But mainly its just MC. If you read MC books, if you like MC books, or if your just starting out with them. I want to say that this book is a bit different than other MC books. At least to me this book just seemed to be on a whole different level, its darker and grittier.

Oh Busta.... The man you love to hate... Or maybe the man you hate to love.... He's a man who's finds himself in a difficult position with his club and with Oubliette. He finds himself for the first time in a while having to make the decision if his club comes first or a woman. He's a man who's rough and gruff on the outside. But you can tell he's soft and caring in the inside. He's also a man that's carrying around secrets.

Oubliette.... Oubliette..... Or Obi, as Busta likes to call her.... I think through the most of the book I was trying to figure out how to say her name. Which kind of distracted me from her. But anyways she's a young woman who finds herself in danger because of something she witnessed. Also because of her association with another club. I will say this though she wasn't just some weak pushover, she has an inner strength that I admired.

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and it kept me turning the pages. I did not want this book to finish. As mentioned at the start of this review, Author Kerri Ann has written a story that will leave your jaw hanging open and reeling. I think the only downside to this book is that Busta's secret was a pretty easy one to figure out (at least for me it was), I think I had him figured out when it became obvious that he had a secret. But other than that there wasn't anything else.... Oh wait yeah there is it ended that's what.... I will warn you though this book ends on a cliffhanger, if you don't enjoy cliffhangers than I suggest you wait reading this until the second part of this duet comes out!!!!

I'm giving this book 4.5 Stars out of 5!!!!

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews and may differ from others.

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