Saturday, March 7, 2015

His Moment To Steal {Book Review}

Title: His Moment to Steal {In The Line Of Duty Series}

Author: Cathryn Fox

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

Once a thief, always a thief…and he’s just walked away with her heart.

In the Line of Duty, Book 4

Ex-military security specialist Luke Phillips would like nothing more than to walk away from his latest job, especially when he realizes the upscale market owner is the daughter of the man responsible for his year spent in juvie.

Except he promised the kids at the community center new and updated equipment. He has no choice but to keep to himself and try not to get mixed up with Emery Vincent. No matter how sweet and sexy she is.

One look at Luke starts Emery’s heart fluttering—along with other specific body parts. But she knows better than to act on those urges with a bad boy who looks at her like he’s been living off rations and she’s the market’s hot lunch special.

But when he rescues her and bandages up her scuffed knee, the heat between them explodes. While a future between them is impossible, hot, sweaty sex is guaranteed—at least until the job is done. Unless Luke can let go of the past and risk it all for love.

Warning: This book contains a smoking-hot ex-convict from the wrong side of the tracks, and a silver-spoon lady who gets oh, so much more than she bargained for when she hires him for a job.

My Review:

    So with all the kind of dark and MC books I've been reading lately. I was ready for a lighter read. It feels like forever ago since I've read one of author Cathryn Fox's In The Line of Duty series books. And I have been patiently/impatiently waiting for this one.

     Oh ok I'll start with Luke. I love love love Luke. He's a sweet, sexy, dirty talking alpha male. His backstory is heartbreaking, I just wanted to hug him. And even after everything he's gone through he see's the good in everything and believes in giving second chances. And he's a tad bit funny also.

    Ok if you all haven't figured it out yet by reading my other reviews. I'm very picky about the female characters in books. I have a hard time connecting with them.  But I really liked Emery. I think I may have even had a crush on a female fictional character, lol. She has a lot on her shoulders from keeping her family store running, to making sure her brother has the care he needs with his disability.

     I loved the book from the start to the finish. It's one of those books that once you start reading that your not going to be able to put down. It was written and flowed well. It made me laugh and made me teary-eyed. And the chemistry between Luke and Emery is off the charts. Even though this is the fourth book in the series it can be read as a stand alone. 

   I give this book 5 Out of 5 Stars 

                               You can purchase His Moment to Steal on Amazon

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from the author for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of my own and may differ from others.

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