Friday, March 13, 2015

Consulation {Book Review}

Title: Consolation

Author: Corinne Michaels

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after.

He wasn’t even on my radar.

He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden.

But my husband is dead and I’m alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam.

One night with Liam changed everything. Now I have to decide if I truly love him or if he’s just the consolation prize.

My Review:

     So this is new author to me and can I just say WOW. I really have no other words for Consolation. And I mean that in the best possible way. I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it (even though I did have to put it down to sleep, darn sleep). I will tell or warn you though if you don't like cliffhanger endings than you may want to wait till the next one comes out!!!! 

     I really liked Natalie. She's a young mother and widow determined to foreward with her life, after losing her husband. Though she's not having much luck with moving foreward until Liam comes. I really felt for Natalie, she's sweet and caring, and a bit stubborn. There were a couple times I wanted to reach in the story and shake her. But it was nice to see Natalie finding her own feet again. 

     I loved Liam, sweet sweet Liam. He's caring and sweet, sexy. He steps up to help his fallen friends family. I loved that even though he didn't have to step up and help his friends family that he did anyways. 

I just want to bring up Natalie's husband Aaron for a moment. Even though you don't get to know him because he died. I have to say though there were times I felt bad for him. He wasn't going to get to see his child grow. Than there where other times I couldn't stand him. 

I'm really trying not to give away any spoilers here. But Mrs. Michaels really makes you feel every emotion she put into this book. And you really will feel every emotion with this book. This book will make you smile, make you cry, make you want to throw it across the room. Of course there's a little bit of drama to. And of course no book is a book until you have a jaw dropping ending. Even though about half way through I had the ending figured out.

    If I were able to give 10 stars on the scale, well this book would definitely get a 10, from me. I seriously can not wait for Conviction.


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Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from TRSOR Promotions for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of my own and may differ from others.

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