Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Release Blitz: Fired Up


FIRED UP by Amy Briggs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  June 1st, 2016


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Jo Meadows did what she always dreamed, following her father’s footsteps and becoming a career firefighter. Still reeling from his sudden death, Jo attempts to settle roots where he had been the Chief. However, the new cocky Fire Chief, makes it difficult to stay focused on her goal, just like he has since they were kids.

Brian Cavanaugh is doing what he does best, taking command. After the Chief,  his only father figure, passes away, he convinces Jo to come back to the department where her family is. While he’s always had his pick of the ladies, he quickly realizes what he’s been missing out on with Jo and what he he’s been giving up for his career.

Torn between their responsibilities and their attraction for each other, their history ignites a spark that neither can deny. But Brian’s reputation for being a ladies’ man and now becoming her new boss challenges their scorching chemistry. Will he be able to prove to her he’s changed before Jo’s past comes back to haunt them both?


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So a while ago I was kind of was feeling in a book slump. I was getting tired of reading the same types of books every day and needed something new. I happened to see this and read the description. I knew after reading the description that I wanted to read it. As with some other type books I'm really picky when it comes to firefighter books. They either hit the mark or they don't. This one went way beyond my mark.

I loved Jo. She's smart, independent and sassy. And she definitely hold her own in a job dominated by men. You could tell how much she loved her father (before he passed) and her adopted firefighter family. I loved her relationship with her best friend. I also loved watching her and Brian's relationship develop.

I also loved Brian. I thought he was sweet, caring and protective. And even though he seemed to be slow with realizing he's feelings with Jo. You could tell how much he liked it. 

I think as a debut author with this book Mrs. Briggs hit this one out of the park. This book definitely didn't feel like it was coming from a new author. I also loved how Mrs. Briggs brought to life the firefighter brotherhood. This book brought everything I loved in a book, plus some hot hot heat (in more ways than one).

I'm giving this book 4.5 stars out of 5 and can't wait for more!!!! 

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Amy Briggs is an Orlando based writer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Leaving the corporate life behind, Amy now runs several small businesses from the comfort of her home while spinning realistic, thrilling and romantic stories. Formerly a firefighter and EMT in New Jersey living next to a military base, Amy was drawn to creating a stories around emergency services and the military, and draws on her experiences to show the depth and emotional side of the lifestyle.


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