Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tyrant {Book Review}

Title: Tyrant {King Book #2}

Author: T. M. Frazier

Book Description:

I. Remember. Everything. 

Only now I wish I didn’t. 

When the fog is sucked away from my mind like smoke through a vacuum, the truth that has been beyond my reach for months finally reveals itself. 

But the relief I thought I would feel never comes, and I’m more afraid now than I was the morning I woke up handcuffed in King’s bed. 

Because with the truth comes dark secrets I was never meant to know. 

I will put the lives of those I love most at risk if I let on that my memory has returned, or if I seek help from the heavily tattooed felon who owns me body and soul. 

I don’t know if I’m strong enough to resist the magnetic pull toward King that grows stronger every day. 

He’s already saved me in more ways than one. Now it’s my turn to do whatever it takes to save him. 

Even if that means marrying someone else…

My Review:

     Oh wow, what can I say about this book? Tyrant starts off right where King ended. This book starts off with a bang and held my attention through the entire book. It's dark,  gritty and intense. There are several jaw dropping moments in this books that I didn't see coming.

     In this book Doe/Ray or Pup, if you want, is really trying to get her memory back in this book. She finds herself forced back with her "family". She has trouble remembering, but man when she does it comes back with a vengeance. 

      Oh Brantley King, how I love you. I kind of had mixed feelings about King and wasn't sure how I'd feel about him in this book. But I can now see everything he and the choices he made were because he cared about and wanted to keep Ray safe.

     I really enjoyed reading this book. It has just a little bit of everything in it, drama,  romance and some hot smoking scenes.  I will say that I did notice some small grammer mistakes, nothing major. But they were still noticeable. And there were a couple other things that kind of bugged me, but not so much that it made this book not enjoyable. And like I said before there were definitely some moments that happened that I didn't see coming. 

       I'm giving this book 4 out of 5 stars and can't wait for the next one!!!!

     You can purchase Tyrant on Amazon

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from TRSOR Promotions for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of my own and may differ from others. 

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