Monday, August 21, 2017

Havoc {Book Review}

Title: Havoc
Series: Deathstalkers MC #7
Author: Alexis Noelle
Genre: MC Romance

Book Description:


As a social worker, I've seen my fair share of broken families, bad relationships, and worlds of regret.

Because of that the last thing, I'll ever do is let down my guard, or open up my heart.
As for men, bring 'em on.

I love a good man in my bed, but I’m not looking for forever or happily ever after. 

That's not my style.

Please me, and leave. 

These are my rules. 

There’s no bending or breaking them. 

Even when he pulls out all the stops,
I'm not budging.

They’re set in stone.

Or should I say, “Rock?”


I'm chiseling away at that hard exterior, one pebble at a time.
I don’t negotiate, I don't share, and 
I sure as hell don’t wait my turn.

Despite her smart mouth and fiery ways,
I still want her. 

But this "friends with benefits" deal of hers is bullshit.
I don't play that way.

At least, I don't plan to anymore.

I will own every ounce of her.

That body.

That mind.

That heart.

It will all be mine.

My Review:

I first have to say that this series has been one of my go to MC series. I have been with it since the beginning. But I will admit that I have felt that maybe this series peeked way to quickly and the last couple of books kind of let me down. So I was a little weary going into this book. 

I'm going to start with Chrissy. She's actually not a stranger, she's Megan's best friend. I actually liked Chrissy better in Megan and Tracker's book. But in this book, her book she came off as kind of a b*t(h. And she's trying to not be part of the stuck up lifestyle that she comes from. But it didn't seem to be working for her if anything she seemed a bit more stuck up in this book for me. I just wasn't feeling her at all. 

I loved everything Rock. I thought he was adorable. And I'm not sure how he dealt with Chrissy. 

I have to say that I'm not exactly sure if I was feeling Chrissy and Rock together at all. I really never felt a connection between them. I also kind of felt like Mrs. Noelle threw in some unnecessary drama at the end of the book that didn't need to be there necessarily. Other than that I thought that this was a good read.

I'm giving this book 4 Stars out of 5!!!! 

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