Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cover Reveal: Finding The Light


Finding the Light
By: Kassidy Carter
Coming soon

What happens when your past comes to haunt you. Now that Dan is his own person he wants nothing more than to live a normal life. 

But when things happen and people come back from his past he has to act on it. 

Mallory wants to find her sons father. He disappeared before she even found out she was pregnant. Or she thought he did. When she runs into Dan she never thought her life would turn out the way it does.

This is a Dark Suspense romance.

The real blurb will be coming soon. 

About the Author

Kassidy Carter lives in Florida with her Husband and two daughters. You can normally find a book in her hands or doing activities with her daughters. She has a passion for reading and will read just about anything. Her favorite kind of stories to read are one's with happy endings.



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