Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saving Ayden {Book Review}

Title: Saving Ayden {The Last Hangman MC}

Author: Muriel Garcia

Book Description

Ayden and Anthony have been best friends forever. They did everything together and grew up around The Last Hangman MC. They've stuck together through the good and the bad, realizing that what they feel for each other is so much more than friendship. They confess their feelings and start dating but their happiness is short lived.

Ayden's life is changed in an instant...One minute she thinks everything is perfect, that she found her happily ever after and the next minute her whole world comes crashing down, forcing her to leave New Orleans.

She starts a new life in New York but realize it's not enough. She needs to go back to her roots, even if it means going back where the MC is.

Anthony let Ayden leave six years ago.

He's always regretted it and seeing her again confirms how much he wants her and needs her in his life.

He'll do all he can to have Ayden back and get the truth about why she took off years ago.

What happens when her past catches up with her and starts messing with her life again?

Will she give into the fear of what took place that night might occur again? Or will she trust Anthony and let him help her get through it?

What happens when she finds out who is behind all the bad things she went through in the past? Will she be strong enough to handle the truth? Or will it destroy her beyond repair?

***This book contains adult material intended for mature readers only***

My Review:

      This review is kind of hard for me to write. I had high hopes for this book with how much I love reading MC books. This was a new series and author to me. I also thought that the synopsis of the book sounded really good. 

   Now that beginning said the book started off kind of sweet. We got to know and see how Ayden and Anthony interact with each other. They seemed pretty much perfect for each other. 

    I will say this though by chapter 3 I started to notice that the book started to become very repetitive. And not just the chapters but like every other or every two paragraphs the same thought was repeated. Which honestly became quit irritating. But by the end of the book it had gotten better.

     I can say Ayden was an alright character. I thought she was quit whiny at times. But I guess that can be expected with what she went through. 

    I honestly thought Ant or Anthony was the only thing that saved this book. I loved his character. He's strong and sexy,  and very patient. Especially with Ayden.

    I can only give this book 3 out of 5 stars. Because of some of the things I mentioned above. 

      You can purchase Saving Ayden on  Amazon

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Give Me Books for my honest review.  The opinions in this post are 100% of my own and may differ from others.

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