Monday, April 17, 2017

Turning Back {Book Review}

Title: Turning Back
Series: Turning #2
Author: JA Huss
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense

Book Description:

I lived in the dark for three years. My whole world revolved around the whims and happiness of three men. It was just a trip into the forbidden. A way out of a bad situation and forward into nothingness.

Quin, with his easy smile and charming good looks. He was always there for me... Until he wasn’t.

Smith, and his dispassionate attention. He was never there for me and he never regretted it.

Bric, the one who listened, but only to himself. Self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and self-serving. He was never the one I wanted.

And now he might be the only one I have left.

It was good while it lasted, I guess. But it could’ve been so much more. It could’ve been so much better. 

And that’s why I’m turning back.

My Review:

    I first have to say when I read the first book in this series I had totally expected to like it. I had planned on liking it. But I found myself being disappointed in it. But I wanted to give this book a chance and see if was better. 

    I'm not sure what it was I was expecting from this book. But it definitely wasn't what I read. And if I'm being completely honest not happy with either. 

    I was not happy with any of these characters and even ones that I liked in the first book totally did a 180 flip on me and I became frustrated with them. 

    I almost feel like Rochelle should have just stayed away and never come back. I'm not sure either Bric or or even Quin deserved her. 

     I'm giving this book 3.5 Stars out of 5!!!!

Disclaimer: I received an an ARC of this book from Give Me Book Promotions for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews and may differ from others.

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