Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Throb {Book Review}

Title: Throb
Author: Vi Keeland
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book Description:
The rules:
No dating.
No sex outside of the game.
No disclosing the terms of the contract.
Rules were made to be broken, right?
Eight weeks ago I signed a contract.  One that seemed like a good idea at the time.  A handsome bachelor, luxury accommodations, and a chance to win a prize my family desperately needed.  There were some rules though.  Lots of them actually.  Follow the script, no dating, sex, or disclosing the terms of the deal.  After my self-imposed moratorium on men the last year, it wouldn’t be hard to live up to my end of the bargain…so I thought.  Until I realized the deal I’d made was with the devil…and I was in love with his dirty-talking brother.
My Review:
  So I think this is the first book in a long long time that I had no idea what to expect from it. I mean honestly the description doesn't really give you an idea what the book is about. At least to me it didn't. I thought it was going to be something completely different than what it was. And I was so happy I got the chance to review this book. 

Let me just say I fell in love with Cooper right away. He's sweet, caring, successful, bossy and sinfully smexy, all in one full swoop. 

Can I just say I was a little afraid I wasn't going to like Kate's character. But I find myself liking her from the beginning. She's smart and funny, and obviously cares very much about her family for her to sign up to be on a dating show. 

And I just want to say quickly I really liked Flynn's character also. He really is a sweetheart to. He was so sweet also, that I had almost wished he was an arsehole. 

So I don't want to give away to much of this book away in my review. But Vi Keeland did an awesome job with this plot and the story flowed nicely throughout the whole book. You could feel the attraction between Cooper and Kate right away. And a big bonus to this book it made me giggle (in a good way).

I give this book 4.5 Stars out of 5 and would recommend it. I can't wait to read Flynn's story next. Hopefully he'll finally find his HEA in the next one.
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