Friday, June 22, 2018

Detective Barelli's Legendary Triplets {Book Review}

Title: Detective Barelli's Legendary Triplets
Series: The Wyoming Multiples 
Author: Melissa Senate 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Book Description:

She went to bed a single mom of triplets...

And woke up married!

Blame it on the spiked punch, or on the legend of Wedlock Creek Wedding Chapel. But Norah Ingalls is now Detective Reed Barelli's wife. The lawman certainly didn't intend to marry the gorgeous mom of three infant babies; an instant family wasn't in his plans. Yet just walking away was unimaginable. In this brand-new Wyoming Multiples romance, marriage is just the beginning...

My Review:

This is actually the first time I have read anything by Mrs. Senate. But I love Harelquin special edition books and this one looked good. I mean  who can resist a book with cute babies on the front of it? Plus I have to say that I love single parent type books. 

     I liked Norah.... And that's Norah with an H, at the end (you'll just have to read to know what I'm talking about). But no seriously though, I did enjoy her. I thought that she was a very independent woman who was doing surprisingly well raising triplet's on her own. Though she does have a bit of help in the form of her mother, aunt, and sister. I also found her to be a bit transparent also, even though she said she wasn't looking to be in a relationship. You could tell that, that's what she really wanted. 

     I really liked Detective Reed, and that's Reed with two E's (again you'll have to read to know what I'm talking about). Oh Holy Moly Gee Whiz, Reed was such a sweet, kind, caring, and protective person. And no I don't think that totally had to due with the fact that he was a cop. I just think that, that's just the kind of person Reed is. I just loved how he was with the triplets. 

    For my first book by Mrs. Senate, I thought that this book was a fun and sweet read. I really enjoyed the aspect of this church in their small town being cursed and everyone being blessed or cursed (depending how you look at it) with multiplies after being married there. This book just made me want to read the other books in this series. 

     I'm giving this book 4 Stars out of 5!!!!!

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews and may differ from others. 

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