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Point of Freedom {The Nordic Lords MC #3} {Book Review}

Title: Point of Freedom {The Nordic Lords MC #3}

Author: Stacey Lynn

Genre: Romance, Mystery/Suspense

Book Description:

Hatred. Desire. Broken Dreams.

Jules McAllister has loved and lost.

She experienced the gut wrenching pain of grief after her boyfriend, Scratch, a member of the Nordic Lords MC, died on the same night that she told him they were going to have a child.

Grief stricken and destroyed, she left Jasper Bay, unable to tell anyone the truth of what really happened that fateful night.

When her childhood friend, Olivia needs her, Jules realizes it’s time to return home and give her daughter what she wants most – a family.

But Jules didn’t count on the tumultuous emotions she would feel around Scratch’s brooding and angry brother, Jaden.

Jaden has vowed to never forgive Jules for, what he feels is her role his brother’s death. Being face to face with Jules again, who is now a mother to a young child, he finds that his anger hasn’t waned and swears to have nothing to do with mom or child.

But how can he reconcile the burning fury in his soul with the irrational urge to touch her? To taste her? To own her completely?

Can wounded hearts that still bleed ever be healed? And can two people broken by their pasts find freedom from their pain in each other?

Or will a night of passion destroy them both?

My Review:

    So the past year... Year and a half I have been obsessed with reading MC romance books. But I'm very picky about them. There are some great MC stories out there and as with all books, some not so great ones. This one falls into the good ones. I had never heard of this series or this author before reading this book. So going into it even though again with this series I was starting on the 3rd book. I wasn't expecting anything, I was just hoping it was good. I should say though this book can be read as a Stand Alone or in order. 

    I will say this after reading this one, I went and bought the first two books in this series. Just so I could understand these characters. And even though you can read all of the books as Stand Alones, I have to say they all tie in together so it's not really confusing or you don't feel lost. 

    I do have to say this though in my head I had to change Jaden's name. Not because I don't like the name Jaden. But because my oldest sons name is Jayden, and it seems like a lot of authors lately have been using sort of spelling of Jayden/Jaden as characters in their books. And I find it sometimes hard to read the book if the character in the book is named the same as my son, especially if their getting down and dirty.... LOL. 

    But enough with my son and character 's in books and on with my review..... Right away author Stacey Lynn pulls you in when Jaden and Jules run into each other and them being sarcastic to each other. Their underlying sexual tension is obvious from the start. 

    Both Jules and Jaden are extremely sarcastic around each other. Jaden is also a little bit cocky, a little bit rude and a whole lot of sexy. Jules is sweet and caring and is just trying to take care of her little girl. 

    It's obvious both of them are still having trouble getting over Jaden's brothers death. And Jules is some trouble following her. 

   I give this book 4.5 Stars Out of 5 and would recommend it. Stacey Lynn pulls you into the book with the plot and characters. The story flows nicely and sexy, and touching and had a touch of suspense. Also it nice to see many of the other characters returning in this book. I can't wait for the next one and I really, really, really hope it's Finn's book!!!!

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Disclaimer: I received a ARC of this book from Love Between the Sheets for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of my own and may differ from others.

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