Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ricochet (Rise & Fall Novel) {Book Review}

Title: Ricochet (A Rise & Fall Novel)

Author: Jessica Wilde 


Book Description:


It's the last thing I remembered.

I was afraid.

Afraid to fight, afraid to run… afraid to breathe.

Then, everything had gone dark. As if life was finally hearing my pleas, my cries to end the torment. To end the fear.

But even in the dark, I still felt it.

I always felt it.

My life had been a ricochet of one event leading to the next. Bouncing back and forth from good to bad. Happiness to despair. Hope to fear.

My name is Arianna West. I'm stronger now. Steady. Alive.

I can find a way to survive on my own. I can see what is coming for me. I can channel my fear into strength.

Except… I didn't see Jack.

And Jack changed everything.

For readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual content.

This book deals with aspects of domestic abuse and violence. Some content may be triggering to certain individuals.

My Review:

     So this was my first time getting to review a book from author Jessica Wilde. This book is the first book in a new series. This book is gritty, raw, intense and emotional. It held my attention from the beginning to the end. I felt every emotion written in this story. There were times I wanted to throw my Kindle. But at the same time I couldn't stop reading. 

    I really enjoyed Arianna's character. She shows that she so much more than a victim. But shes strong and a fighter, after getting out of an abusive relationship. She didn't let the whole thing destroy her. My heart broke for her. I loved the relationship she had with her brother Jake. 

    I loved Jack. He was so sweet and caring, and was so patient with Arianna. You could tell how much he loved Arianna. I also loved the significance of his tattoos that he has. 

    There were times that this book was hard to read. But it was a wonderful book that I just couldn't put down. Secrets finally come to life for these characters. It truly was a story about healing, friendships, family, love and second chances. It was a well written story that flowed well. 

     I can't wait to read the next one!!!

                   You can purchase Ricochet on Amazon

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from Always Behind A Book for my honest review. The opinions in this post are 100% of my own and may differ from others. 

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